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As a long-term partner of Xilinx, Nanjing DIGITGATE Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional and senior technical team with rich experience in product research and development. The company can provide customers with customized hardware and software services, including FPGA SoC module, Firmware, IP, etc., based on the highly integrated and efficient FPGA chip, combined with the understanding of customers' business needs. Thus, to help customers improve their own application development speed, so that customers can quickly realize their business value.

  • Industrial-grade Embedded Controller Module

    Industrial-grade embedded cont...

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  • Financial Computing Accelerator Card

    The financial computing accele...

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  • Industrial Control Mobile Communication Module

    The industrial control mobile ...

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  • Industrial Core Communications Control Module

    The industrial control core co...

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  • 5G Fronthaul Accelerator Card

    The 5G fronthaul accelerator c...

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